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Hello! I'm James Cooper, an energetic adventurous voice based in Orlando, Florida. I'm very lucky to be part of the best creative industries in the world. When creating that unique, one of a kind voice for your project, I draw upon years of traveling the world where a various symphony of sounds, languages, and emotions come together. Friends describe me passionate, adventurous, and genuine. Peers such as James Michael Collins, Dave Fennoy, and Jonathan Tilley describe my work as passionately charismatic.

Bringing characters to life is the absolute best, whether it be for animation, video games, or commercial projects. My 15 years as a military officer really provide your corporate and E-learning projects with a confident sound for your target audience.

If you're looking for that playful, yet professional voice for your project, then contact me. I am based in Orlando, but travel throughout the east coast. I have a home studio, and can produce high quality audio for your project.

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